My name is Abigail and I live in Cardiff, Wales with my husband and son. I was born in England (as is my husband), and as my son was born in Wales this makes international days interesting.

I am a Civil Servant by day, writing about waste and recycling. But I would much rather write about magic and adventure for children, which is far more exciting.

 I am a member of the Golden Egg Academy (GEA) and SCBWI Wales. 



A bit more about me..


I know... I look really worried..  I was watching the Handmaid's Tale!

What is your favourite genre book and why? Mainly fantasy fiction. I like a bit of escapism. I read a lot of what is considered children's middle-grade and young adult fantasy fiction. I find fantasy written for these age groups avoids a lot of the info dumping and dull back stories you get with some the 'high fantasy' tropes out there. 

Favourite author? Lots. But if I had to choose. Terry Pratchett is up there. His story telling and observation of modern life is a little bit on the nose.  

When did I know I wanted to be a writer? I've always written and drawn pictures. So there have always been stories in my head bumping around. But I probably officially told someone I wanted to be a writer when I was about 20 so over 20 years ago... it's just taken me a while to do something about it...properly...